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Julianna Joyce

Deciphering the Manic Pixie Mythos - Julianna Joyce

“I think if there’s a truly seductive quality about Clementine, it’s that her personality promises to take you out of the mundane. Like an amazing, burning meteorite will carry you to another world where things are exciting. But what you quickly learn is that…it’s really an elaborate ruse.
 - Joel  Barish, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Michel Gondry, 2004)

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Quinn Gilman-Forlini

Erasing the Grotesque - Quinn Gilman-Forlini

The Book of Repulsive Women is a collection of eight poems and five drawingsby Djuna Barnes first published in 1915. Despite the fact that this was Barnes’ first publication of what she considered to be her “serious” work, she later hated the book and ... Continue reading

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InVox Editorial

In the Wake of Fukushima

Bishen Sen, Apollon

During Carol Browner's March 3rd Convocation lecture, she discussed many of the alternative energy sources being considered for development as a means to kick the United States' oil addiction.

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Two Parts Passion, One Part Pragmatism, Browner Chides:

Charles Badger, Apollon

On March 3, Carol Browner granted a half hour interview with Apollon following her convocation. “The nation that leads in green jobs will be the leader of the 21st Century,” she declared in her speech before the student population. In wide-ranging remarks, she cited everything from melting polar ice caps to U.S. military’s transportation cost in Afghanistan to “knowing your neighbors” as reasons to support the United States’ transition to a cleaner ... Read the full editorial.

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